NProperty: Should you get a studio or one-bedroom apartment?

Finding a home is a big change and an important decision to make. This is why it’s essential to go through the entire process and do your own research. You need to find a home that’s perfect for your needs and those who will be living with you. 

There are some people who prefer apartments instead of houses because it’s a shorter investment that isn’t permanent. It’s also great for city living because you get security and you’re able to access all sorts of restaurants and facilities around the city. 

However, some people are having trouble deciding which kind of apartment to get. The tossup is usually between studio apartments or one-bedroom apartments. If you want to see which kind is the best for you, check out the coming sections: 

A studio apartment

Getting a studio apartment is a popular option among tenants these days, especially those with smaller budgets because it’s more affordable. However, studio apartments aren’t for those who value their privacy from other parts of the house. 

A studio apartment is smaller and has an open floor plan. When you enter the door, you should be able to see everything within a few seconds. The dining and kitchen area are typically close together while the bedroom and living area are on the other side 

If you’re planning on entertaining any guests at your studio apartment, be ready to show your bedroom and other private aspects of your life. This is why most people with studio apartments invest in dividers and storage options to keep the space less messy. 

Either way, you get to unleash your creative side if ever you do decide to get a studio apartment. Moreover, you will be able to spend a bunch of money as well. 

A one-bedroom apartment

One of the first and most important things that a one-bedroom apartment offers is privacy. Compared to a studio apartment, you can have more space and isolate your bedroom from the rest of the space. 

When you enter a one-bedroom apartment, it typically shows you to the living area or a simple dining room. From there, the kitchen will be on the other side and you should see a closed door leading to the bedroom. 

While this may seem attractive to most apartment seekers, one thing that you also need to think of is the cost. Having a completely different room in your space can be pricey and the cost can go up by half or more compared to a studio apartment space. 

So, if you have the means and believe that you really need a one-bedroom apartment, then go for it! Be prepared to shoulder extra costs and maintain more space in your living area. Other than that, you can enjoy a spacious area where you can entertain guests on one side and have your own space on the other. 

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