A Closer Look at Luxury Homes

A Closer Look Inside Luxury Homes 

Whenever we watch movies or television series, we are shown fancy houses that belong to the rich characters of the story. Characterized by extravagance, elegance, and class, these houses become definitely dreamy. Indeed, they help give justice to the mighty rich characters that are being portrayed in their stories. 

Amazingly, these houses are really owned by crazy rich people. You may have seen some of these on documentaries about popular businessmen or popular celebrities. Aside from them, there are several others who own luxury homes.

Living in a luxury home is amazing because it makes you feel like royalty. Having tons of features that aren’t present in a regular home, you will definitely feel like a fantasy as it may simply want you to stay there forever.

So, if you’re looking for a luxury home on our listing here at Nproperty or if you’re just amazed by these homes, then make sure to check out these common features of a luxury home!

Large land area 

What makes luxury homes filled with the amenities is large space. Without it, they wouldn’t be able to achieve what they want to have. More often than not, luxury houses are built on lands with areas that measure thousands of square feet. 

Once a house is built on an 8,000 square foot, then that may already be considered a mansion. True enough, houses built on land areas as big as that (or probably even larger) already screams luxury as it can already fit lots of rooms, bathrooms, and amenities in it. 

Impressive architecture

One thing that people are quick enough to notice about luxury homes is that they all have impressive structures. These can be seen even when you’re just simply passing by these houses. 

Even if you’re clueless about what’s inside a luxury home, it is undeniable that the facade looks fancy and elegant. With that, here are some of the most common architectural styles that are being used in luxury homes. 


Storybook style is the one that is being used to make houses look like they are straight out of fairytale books. Usually, this style is characterized by cobblestones and an uneven roofing style. Simply put, this architectural style will make you feel like you’re a fairy tale character who lives in their own castle. 

Spanish Colonial Revival

Spanish colonial revival houses are those that look like massive villas. Usually, this architectural style makes use of earth colours, especially brown. They are also often characterized by balconies, flat roofs, and notable arcs. 

Some architects see this style as a combination of mission revival and craftsman style. 


Most luxury homes today are made in a modern architectural style. This style often looks simple, especially when compared to classic house styles which were intricately made. Modern luxury homes are often characterized by lines and simple colours. Also, it is quite common for them to have massive glass windows so that their space can feel more open. It is also ideal for those that are located near a majestic view. 

Nice location

Aside from the way that they are built, some luxury homes become even more impressive because of their location. While some may be located in executive villages, some are located in beaches or mountains so that they can be blessed with a breathtaking panoramic view of their chosen scenery. 

Luxurious amenities 

Aside from their beautiful facade, what makes luxurious homes more special are the fancy things that they have inside. Although not all luxury homes share the same amenities, here are some of the most common features that are included inside one. 


Almost all luxury homes nowadays are powered by technology. With it, owners can ensure that their gates have a smart lock feature that can keep them safe from burglars. Most of the time, this safety technology can also be synced with the owners’ smartphone so that they can monitor their house from time to time. 

Technology can also enable home owners to lock their doors, close the curtains, control the lights, and set the room atmosphere with a simple touch or voice command. It is also common to have a remote control for every part of the house if they are using a special technology. 

Swimming pools

Whether it may be an indoor or outdoor pool, it is undeniable that most luxury homes have their own private pool. This is one of the most notable features of luxury homes because many pools in these houses are usually landscaped well. 

More often than not, pool sides also have a nice side space where visitors can chill or socialize. This area is common for those who frequently host pool parties. 

Home gym 

Rather than having to use the same fitness equipment as everyone else’s, the rich often have their own complete set of gym equipment at home. That way, they have the entire place all to themselves and they won’t have to worry about the sweat of other people. 

Ambient bathrooms 

When you’re rich, you would want to take all the time to relax and pamper yourself. With that, it is not surprising to know that most luxury homes have bathrooms that resemble a spa. Equipped with massive bathtubs, hot tubs, skylights, and steam showers, the complete spa experience can also be experienced at home. 

Walk-in closets

Owners of luxury homes are guaranteed to be rich. Whether or not they may be the type of person who loves attending events, it is not surprising that they have a lot of clothes. Walk-in closets are a common feature of luxury homes where all of their clothes can be sorted properly. 

Most walk-in closets of luxury homes are equipped with massive cabinets that showcase their collection of designer items. It also has a massive space to dress and glam up for occasions. Some walk-in closets also happen to have a receiving area for their visitors. 

Unlike simple closets, walk-in closets may also be powered by technology so that the owners can virtually style themselves with the help of an online inventory made for their clothes. 

Entertainment rooms

Massive houses have a lot of space for their owners to enjoy. In fact, some multi-million homes are equipped with a gaming room that has computers, game consoles, and tons of games that they can choose from. 

Meanwhile, some lavish homes also have their own mini-theatre where they can enjoy their favourite movies. Equipped with an impressive surround sound system, comfortable reclining seats, and a massive screen, it can feel like they have their own cinema inside their home. 

Sports facilities 

Many luxury homes also have a huge space that allows them to play sports at home. While it may be common for some to have basketball courts, some tend to have tennis courts, golf courses, and even bowling alleys. 

Indoor bar

Some houses don’t just have a corner to display their wine and alcohol collection as they tend to have their own wine cellars. Also, many luxury homes also have their own bar so that the owners have a place to hang out with their friends. Whether it may be for special events or just for a casual day of drinking, people who live in luxurious homes can enjoy their favourite drinks anytime. 

Massive rooms 

Given the fact that there are lots of amenities inside, it can also be expected that the rooms in this type of house are also exceptional. Usually, these houses are filled with several massive rooms that complete their lifestyle. 

Living room

Usually, the living room is one of the largest parts of the house because it is where the guests are received. The living room of massive luxury homes can even have the capacity to fit 50 people inside.


By having a topnotch living experience, it is a must that the food served inside should be amazing. With elegant kitchenware and a complete stock of condiments and ingredients, it is no doubt that cooking in large kitchens is definitely enjoyable. Some kitchens even have their own walk-in pantry so they can store their food there. 


Anyone who lives inside a luxury home can have a comfortable life. However, this can be further achieved if the bedrooms are made with the best beds. With massive spaces for its owners to move around, bedrooms can definitely be the sanctuary that the owners can wish for, especially if it was blessed with a stunning view. 


Overall, luxury houses are a dream come true. Whether you may be looking forward to living inside one or just amazed by them, it is no doubt that these houses are impressive to look at. With the comfort that they provide their owners, it’s hard to think about how people who live in houses like these can actually need anything more. 

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