NProperty: Rental management services

Do you have a house or an apartment that you want to rent out? Be at ease and let us handle it all for you! NProperty provides the best rental management services here in southern France. We’ll make sure that your property will be on top of the real estate market in no time. 

5 benefits of having a rental management company

The greatest benefit that you will be privy of when you partner with us is time. By enlisting our services you no longer need to manage your property yourself. You can enjoy your free time and take on other responsibilities while having the assurance that your property is taken cared of. Check out the other 5 benefits of having a rental management company below: 

  • Benefit #1: Mitigate liability 

As a rental management company, we can serve as a buffer between an inexperienced investor’s portfolio and liability to clients. By having us by your side, you can avoid opportunistic clients who make false accusations regarding rent collection, illegal eviction practices, and negligent maintenance. We can deflect false claims levied to your direction. 

  • Benefit #2: Quality tenants 

We have been around in the real estate business for decades. Our agents and rental managers know what to look for in a good client. By partnering with us, you can rest assured that we will reel in the best candidates for your property. 

Our company can apply a sophisticated screening process for your clients to make sure that you will have no problems dealing with them in the future. Our services include legally looking through the client’s background to ensure that they can pay for your property. 

  • Benefit #3: Shorter vacancy 

NProperty can advertise your property to fill in the veacancies. Not only that, we will also do it with a sense of urgency and efficiency. Since we’ve been in this industry for years, we can assure you that we have the necessary connections to put your property in the real estate market without a hitch. 

  • Benefit #4: Lower maintenance cost

Working with us will give you access to our network of professional contractors that can charge you the minimum rate for repairs and maintenance. Not only that, but we can make access to invaluable contractors easier for you. 

  • Benefit #5: Better reviews

Almost all tenants prefer working with professional rental managers as the process is always smoother that way. Moreover, rental managers are always available to receive demands from your clients. They are attentive and can put your clients at ease. As a result, they will have a good review of your rental after they vacate the place. Those positive reviews from your clients can help drive more tenants to your place. 

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