NProperty: When to buy a home

The younger generation is eager to prove to the world that they can achieve many things. They will take every opportunity to grow and become successful at an early age. Even as early as 30 years old, they believe that buying a home can increase their chances of leading a successful life. 

This kind of eagerness is admirable but should still be taken with a grain of salt. NProperty can help you invest in real estate with the limited budget that you have. But it should also be noted that success isn’t about owning a house very early in life. You should be buying a house for reasons that are right for you. 

Buying a home is a good investment regardless of your age. Although it is better to invest as early as possible, it’s not really a guarantee of earning success. You shouldn’t be thinking of when you should have a home but you should ask yourself if the conditions are right. 

Here are some of the things you should consider when buying a home or any real estate investment:

  1. You should be able to afford the monthly payments and other expenses that come along with having your own property. 
  2. Be financially stable enough that you can be approved for a good loan.
  3. You have enough savings for a down payment and closing costs.
  4. Debt is minimal to nonexistent because loans can be a heavy burden to bear on top of paying for a house. 
  5. Have a plan to keep your home long enough that you can get back your investment without selling it. 
  6. A contingency plan is there to help you with surprise expenses such as maintenance expenses or real estate value decreasing. 
  7. Good credit or a steadily improving one so that your loan can be approved a lot faster. 

Why should you buy a home while still young?

One of the reasons why homeownership is enticing to the younger generation is because rent money is a total waste. Although there are some types of real estate investments wherein it’s rent-to-own but most times it’s just renting space until you eventually move out. Buying a home is investing in your own future.

It can be quite a burden on the first year because of the large amounts of money you have to pay including down payment, insurance and mortgage but in time it’ll get a lot better. You’d be able to borrow against your mortgage or the value of the house increases enough so that you can profit from it when you sell eventually. Probably the best thing you can do is stay in the home long enough that you can pay for everything and enjoy a life of living rent-free. 

Why do people wait?

Most people do not have a steady income until they’re 30 or 40, and it’s out of the question to invest. Once you’re middle-aged, chances are you have a higher income compared to your early 20s self. It allows you to take risks in investments without really affecting your lifestyle.

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